The Boston Bruins final stretch: Who will they face if they steal the top seed in the division

Image courtesy of MGN

By Jules Mazzolini

The Boston Bruins clinched a playoff berth for the eighth straight season, with just seven games remaining. The Bruins sit at first place in the Atlantic Division, just above the Florida Panthers. The Panthers sit just two points behind the Bruins in standings, putting the Bruins under pressure to succeed in their coming games. With 43 wins and just 17 losses, the Bruins look promising to take the first place spot in the Division.

With the Bruins looking strong going into the playoffs, there are a few teams they could face that could put a rut in their playoff hopes. The Bruins could potentially face the Lightning in the postseason, who have been a pain for the Bruins all season. The Lightning have won three out of four matchups against the Bruins in the regular season, and may be their toughest team to beat heading into the playoffs.

The Bruins also have a chance to face the Maple Leafs early in the postseason. The Maple Leafs currently sit at third in the Atlantic Division, just six points behind the playoff-bound Panthers. The Bruins swept the Maple Leafs throughout their four matchups this season, but still pose a threat with their strong ability to score behind Auston Matthews.

Bostonians and the Bruins want nothing less than success in the offseason, especially with the upsetting loss the Bruins faced last season. Facing the Maple Leafs may give them a better chance to win than the Lightning, but no team will give the Bruins an easy road to victory. The Bruins take on the Florida Panthers for a late season showdown on Saturday, April 6.