A Spring snow is here

Image courtesy of MGN

By Emily Martinez

Over the past few days the Nor’easter storm has brought snow, rain, hail, and wind all over the New England area. “It will feel more like early February today rather than early April, ” said NWS Boston’s social media account, X.

Earlier this morning there was three to six inches of sleet and wet snow happening in Worcester County impacting travel time this morning in the northwest of Boston. The storm has brought near a foot of snow in New Hampshire and Vermont and a few inches in the higher terrain. 

The winds in the morning ranged from  45 to 65 mph through the south and north areas. There were approximately over 12 thousand power outages reported across Massachusetts.  

Temperature was at its highest 40 degrees today but the wind made it feel like 30. Some areas in downtown Boston experienced a few bumps from the high winds taking down stoplights and portapotties. 

The winds will slow down as the night continues. As of right now “Snow (although lighter) will continue into the evening in parts of New England.” said Shiri Spear from Boston25.