Olivia Rodrigo sells out Both nights In Boston

Image courtesy of MGN

By Olivia Flanz

Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts World Tour sold out both nights in Boston. According to fans, the night was full of color, confetti, and a cathartic release of emotions. At the end of the album’s opener, “all-American bitch”, Rodrigo told the crowd that “You’re going to scream at the top of your lungs, can you do that?”

The 21-year-old artist wanted everyone to think of something that enraged them, and when the lights went off, she wanted them to let it out. The choice was the perfect way to end “all-American bitch”, a song that is a whiplash of emotions, contrasting expectations vs reality of being a woman, and the rage that can come from those expectations. 

Rodrigo’s performance was interactive and connected with her audience, no matter where you were sitting in the crowd. During the songs, “logical” and “enough for you” sat on top of a purple crescent moon that traveled above the audience. She was able to move across the arena, allowing her to get close to fans who were even on the balcony levels. 

Before “teenage dream” Rodrigo said, “I wrote this next song a few days before I turned 19 at a time where I just thought growing up was the scariest, worst thing in the world. I cried on every birthday.” 

She continued by saying, “I’m 21 now and I feel so happy and I feel like I know myself so well and if I could give any advice to my 18-year-old self, it would be that growing up is f–––ing awesome and you have no idea how much excitement and joy lies ahead of you.”

Later in the show, Olivia brought up her opener, Chappell Roan. 

“How incredible was Chappell Roan?” Rodrigo asked the crowd. “She’s amazing. I’m a big fan. She was actually my No. 1 artist on Spotify Wrapped last year.”

During Chappel Roan’s opening, she hit it off with some of her biggest hits such as, “Femininomenon,” “Pink Pony Club,” “HOT TO GO!,” and of course, “Red Wine Supernova.”

Boston was the Midwest singer’s last concert with the Guts World Tour as the opener. While the night was definitely bittersweet for Roan, she said, “But I’m glad it was Boston.”

If you didn’t get the chance to see Roan or are looking for an opportunity to see her perform again, the singer will be returning to Boston on Sunday, May 26 for Boston Calling.