Kitten wearing strawberry dress found in Everett

By Meghan Boucher

A 3-month-old kitten was found in a driveway in Everett Monday night. Stacia Gorgone, Everett’s animal control officer, knows the kitten isn’t just a stray. 

Image courtesy of MGN

“…with a dress on, we know it has an owner,” Gorgone told the Boston Globe.

The kitten was found in a white dress with strawberries on it, by a little girl playing on a nearby playground. The kitten was named Strawberry by the little girl. 

Gorgone said she will keep the lost kitten for seven days. If an owner doesn’t claim her, the kitten will be put up for adoption. 

However, the little girl who found Strawberry is asking to be first in line.

Anyone with information on the kitten’s owner is encouraged to reach out to the Everett Police Dispatch at 617-387-1212 or email