Saying goodbye to self-checkout

By Emily Martinez

Target announced that a “handful” of stores across the country will no longer be offering the self-checkout process. The location at South Bay and Allstate Road have officially closed their self-checkout machines pushing customers to face real-life cashiers. 

For those who try to avoid social interaction, this is a devastating blow. Multiple users on Reddit, a social communication app, have shared their concerns and issues with reinforcing the face to face interactions with cashiers. 

People who age from 18-44 prefer the self checkout option, according to a data set made from the Digital Commerce Index. Though those over the age of 45 are less inclined to go to the self-checkout line, 43% of people overall said the do-it-themselves option is their top choice. 

The retail giant and many other stores have slowly taken away the do it yourself option due to the increased theft rate. 69% of self checkout users admitted that these machines make it easier to steal and 15% of them admitted to stealing, according to a Lending Tree survey. 

Target refused to comment as to why they’ll be halting the self-checkout machines, said “In a small handful of locations nationwide, including the Dorchester, Mass. store, all checkout lanes will be staffed by team members moving forward,” said Jennifer Kron, a Target spokesperson. 

The company is planning to institute several other changes in the checkout process. Last month they implemented a 10 item limit for self-checkout lanes at all stores.

They’re also planning on adding Truscan, a new technology to make sure all items are properly scanned out, according to a report by USA Today. 

Truscan will be introduced to shoppers before the end of the year.