Michael Dukakis celebrated by governors and Northeastern University

Image courtesy of MGN

By Zhihao Zhu

Former Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis was celebrated by his successors at Northeastern University Thursday for 29 years of teaching politics and policy at the university after serving as governor.

Governor Maura Healey, with former governors Deval Patrick and William Weld, shared personal stories and recalled Dukakis’s time in office. Weld praised Dukakis, who is now 90, as one of the first politicians to acknowledge the dishonesty and corruption in the government.

“If I had to summarize in one word the legacy of Mike Dukakis in politics, the one word is ‘honesty’ … being absolutely straight,” Weld said.

“He understands the importance of meeting people where they are and paying attention to the things that matter in the everyday life and lived experience of residents in our city,” said Healey.

Patrick explained how Dukakis would always pay attention to the issues affecting everyday people. He would receive many messages from Dukakis about the litter in Boston when in office.

Dukakis’ teaching at Northeastern ended three years ago, and he is now the Distinguished Professor of Political Science Emeritus.