Payton Pritchard is Celtics’ standout star and ironman player

Photo courtesy of MGN

By Aaron Tyler

In a game where the Celtics opted to rest their star players, Payton Pritchard emerged as the shining beacon on the court. He is typically known as a key player that comes off the bench.

However, with the increase in minutes, Pritchard seized the opportunity to start. He logged an impressive 30 minutes in the first three quarters before sitting out the final frame. His performance was nothing short of excellent, as he notched a career-high 31 points along with 11 assists, showcasing his ability to be a great playmaker. 

Yet, Pritchard’s fantastic game is just one highlight in what could be an even more exceptional accomplishment for him this weekend. With no injuries hindering him, he has almost accomplished a feat of 82 games this season, which is mind-blowing and an achievement that puts him as the only Boston player to achieve such a stunt. In addition, he is one of merely six NBA players with 100 percent availability this season. Reflecting on his journey, Pritchard expressed pride in overcoming past setbacks and the frustrations of previous seasons, crediting his dedication and perseverance for reaching this milestone. 

Throughout the season, Pritchard has demonstrated a remarkable consistency on the court. Through his hard work, he has carved out a stable role as a consistent player who is usually one of the first to be substituted. His coach, Joe Mazzulla, highlighted the importance of this consistent role in Pritchard’s development, emphasizing the newfound clarity and stability it brought to his game. While Pritchard can acknowledge areas for improvement, particularly in playmaking and distributing the ball, his performance against the Wizards on Sunday solidifies his status as a key contributor to the Celtics’ success, capping off a season marked by resilience and growth.