Unity Avenue restaurant forced to close after car crash damaged building

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

By Haley Clough 


A black car crashed into the restaurant La Esquina del Sabor on Sunday, forcing the restaurant to close temporarily. The vehicle was captured on video crashing into the building after reversing into an SUV. Revere police say the building’s roof caved and walls were destroyed. 

Diego Preciado, one of the owners of the restaurant, said that although no one was hurt physically, the forced closure is daunting for the staff. “I don’t know who’s at fault, but somebody has to pay,” Preciado told reporters. For each day the restaurant is closed, Preciado says the company loses $9,000. 

He said opening the restaurant was “part of my dream and I can’t do nothing right now.” It was the first restaurant Preciado opened in the United States, so not only is it his livelihood, it also holds sentimental value. 

Revere police said the investigation into the crash is ongoing, and it is currently unclear how the crash occurred and whether the driver will be charged. As of Sunday, Preciado said inspectors planned to visit the building on Monday to determine how long repairs would take.