Runners were injured back-to-back this marathon weekend

By Hollie Raposo 

Image courtesy of MGN

Boston had its annual marathon on March 15, and the sunny weather led to several people getting injured. The audience was celebrating and cheering them on from the sidelines, but the runners were suffering from heat strokes and other issues that the weather caused.

Three thousand people ended up in the medical tent. About 1,288 injuries occurred along the course, and 1,686 injuries happened at the finish line. Of the 26,000 athletes who started the race, only 25,000 finished. There were 1,900 volunteers at the event that helped handle 31 medical tents. Over one hundred runners were transported to the hospital. 

The event ended with at least 40 people suffering from heat stroke. Medical tents were equipped with ice baths to cool down the runners from the marathon. The temperature in Boston climbed that day to 73 degrees, which was still lower than the hottest marathon on record in 1905, when temperatures reached 100 degrees.

The warm day was shocking to the athletes that trained during the chilly winter and early spring months.