Marshfield town votes rezoning that would have been compliance with state law

By Hollie Raposo

A Marshfield town meeting happened Monday night, voters choosing not to rezone and not following state law allowing multifamily housing in communities.  

The MBTA Communities Act was passed by Governor Charlie Baker. Requiring most municipalities in Eastern Massachusetts. In total, there are 177 MBTA communities, classified as faster transit, commuter rail and adjacent communities, that need to rezone. Marshfield is considered one of these zones. All adjacent communities and commuter rail communities are supposed to comply by the end of the year. Many people are willing to help Marshfield comply with the MBTA Communities Act and help them comply before the end of the year. 

Milton, Massachusetts, was the only one out of compliance with the Dec. 31, 2023, deadline many other communities faced. Milton initially rezoned to accommodate multifamily but eventually opposed their original vote in February. Milton is facing financial consequences and will lose out-of-state grants. Campbell’s office filed a lawsuit against the town because of not complying.  

Marshfield Town Counsel Robert Galvin said while the state was “disappointed to hear,” no legal action will be taken against Marshfield from Campbell’s office.