Bull on the graze in Roslindale since Saturday

Acquired Through MGN Online on 11/03/2021

By Madison Lucchesi

A bull has been loose in Roslindale since Saturday. Boston Animal Control failed to capture the bull after several attempts throughout the week. 

The brown and white bull, which was originally thought to be a cow, was first spotted at the intersection of Stella and Harding Road in Roslindale. 

The bull escaped capture by entering a wooded area. Animal control officers surrounded the area and were unable to acquire the bull on Saturday. 

The bull belongs to a Boston resident who was unaware that farm animals except for permitted chickens are prohibited in the City of Boston.

Following Saturday, animal control made several attempts, including the use of thermal dome technology to locate and capture the bull. The bull is still out to graze in Boston pastures. 

Be on the lookout for the bull’s next moo-ve. Boston Animal Control advised residents to steer clear of the bull and suppress any urges to tip or pet it. Residents are encouraged to report any bull grazings to Boston 311 or to Boston Animal Control at (617)635-5348.