Polls reveal Gen Z’s concerns for the upcoming election

Photo courtesy of MGN.

By Meghan Boucher

According to the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement, 41 million members of Generation Z will be eligible to vote in 2024.

In the past few years, Gen Z has had a higher voting rate than previous generations and the Harvard Youth Poll found that this will continue in the 2024 presidential election. According to their findings, about 53% of Gen Z will be voting in the upcoming election which is on par with Harvard Youth Poll data from 2020.

With high numbers of youth turning out to vote, their political and economic concerns are coming to the forefront. One of the top findings in the 2024 Harvard Youth Poll was increased concern about the conflict in the Middle East. According to those surveyed, “Young Americans support a permanent ceasefire in Gaza by a five-to-one margin.”

The poll also found that Gen Z’s approval rating for how Biden has handled the conflict sits at 18%. As Gen Z prepares for the November election, polls show that one of the focuses will be about the candidates positions on the conflict.

Polls also revealed Gen Z’s top concerns from economy related issues and inflation, to the housing crisis and healthcare. Climate change and women’s reproductive rights also ranked high.

The concern over these issues continues to increase for young voters, while the overall approval ratings of Biden’s presidency and over government institutions have only decreased.

Over the past ten years, this year’s Harvard Youth poll shows the lowest level of confidence in political establishments. Gen Z’s trust in the President has declined 60%, with Biden’s approval rating sitting at 31%. Trust in the Supreme Court has declined 55%, the military and federal government has declined by 38%, and Congress is 34% down in approval.

As young voters show up to the polls, Gen Z’s concerns and disapproval could have significant impact on the results of the 2024 presidential election.