And the Winner Is….


By Anaridis Rodriguez — 02/26/11 The votes have been casted and the winner has been chosen, but those who know will never tell.

Automation Takes Center Stage at the Oscars


By Anaridis Rodriguez — 2/26/11 Moving sets, Swarovski crystals and automations are part of the 2011 Academy Awards’ stage theme. Joe Celli is the art director behind the stage’s creation. He gave WEBN some insight on this year’s look and says his role is to bring the blueprint life.

The Mystery Behind the Winklevii


By Anaridis Rodriguez — 2/25/11 Twins come in pairs, whether they be fraternal, identical or digitally enhanced. In the oscar-nominated flick “The Social Network,” David Fincher casted Armie Hammer and Josh Pence to play Harvard’s gentlemen Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.