GOP Presidential Debate Gets Testy


By Katherine Spalla — 10/18/2011
The GOP presidential candidates were back debating tonight. Anderson Cooper moderated the CNN Western Republican Debate in Las Vegas.

“Moneyball” is a Grand Slam


By Mykah Murphy — 10/18/2011
Every few years it seems a new film is added to the list of Great American Sports Movies. Combine an A-list cast, Academy Award winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, a true story and you’ve got 2011’s contender: Moneyball.

Occupy Boston March Through Boston


By Marc Liverman — 10/17/2011
Occupy Boston demonstrators are not going away. Saturday they marched through downtown Boston starting at Park Street.

“Footloose” Doesn’t Miss a Beat


By Logan Leavitt — 10/14/2011
The remake of a classic dance flick doesn’t miss a beat. The musical film “Footloose” is back in theaters.

Theo Epstein Heads to Chicago

By Samantha Russo — 10/12/2011
Another manager is leaving Boston. It is reported that Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein is going to the Cubs. He has reportedly signed a five-year, almost $20 million deal with the Chicago.

Occupy Movement Is New Generation’s Revolution


By Markus Garcia — 10/13/2011
Jylnn Erikson believes that Occupy Boston is the “revolution of her generation.” Erikson is a 14 year old, home schooled student, who joined the Occupy Boston protest two days ago with one of her friends. They are currently sleeping at the site in a tent and on cardboard to show their solidarity.

Occupy Boston Protestors Are Arrested

By Leah Mishkin and Marc Liverman — 10/10/2011
Occupy Boston protesters have increased in numbers. After being camped out for more than a week at Dewey Square, they expanded and claimed the northern section of the Greenway. However, after protesters failed to leave by Mayor Menino’s deadline of Tuesday at midnight, Boston police removed them from that area.