Behind The Face Of Facebook


By Brittany Berkowitz — 02/25/11 There’s a face behind Facebook and there’s a man behind its movie. Originating producer of “The Social Network” Dana Brunetti talked with WEBN to discuss Facebook’s transition from the web to the silver screen.

“The Fighter” Sisters have Beauty, Brains and Brawn


By Brittany Berkowitz — 02/24/11 Erica McDermott had to put up a fight to become a sister. She wanted to score a spot as Mickey Ward’s sister Cindy “Tar” in the film “The Fighter.” When the actress auditioned for the role, it was thought she might be more beauty than brawn.

Actor Bryan Barter Gets Social


By Brittany Berkowitz — 02/24/11 Some actors network and other actors appear in movies about networking. Bryan Barter plays Billy Olson in the movie “The Social Network.” Well before the cameras started rolling, Barter was wired into the social media phenomena that is Facebook.