Feel Free To Take A Risk


By Shannon Donahue— 2/20/2009

Today I had the chance to interview Executive Producer Aaron Ryder. Ryder is most notable for his work on several movies such as “Memento,” “The Mexican,” “Donnie Darko,” and “The Prestige.” Needless to say, I was fairly nervous having the opportunity not only to meet but also interview this highly successful motion picture producer.

Overture CEO Sees The Gold


By Anna Scheer— 2/20/2009

One may think a successful CEO always wears a suit, but Chris McGurk proved that assumption false. McGurk, casually dressed in denim in the workplace, is the CEO of Overture Films and Anchor Bay Entertainment. With a passion for films, he climbed his way to the head of a company which now has an Oscar nomination.

Celli Designs A Different Kind of Oscars Set


By Christina Barkhorn— 2/20/2009

He was a BFA Musical Theatre major at Emerson College, but now Joe Celli is the Art Director for the 81st Annual Academy Awards. He has been so successful that lst year he won an Emmy for his Oscars show set design.

Rocky Inspired TGA’s Melanie Ramsayer

By Johnny Russo— 2/20/2009

The movie “Rocky” has won many awards including best picture. But to agent Melanie Ramsayer it was her inspiration.
When Ramsayer walked out of the theatre after Rocky Balboa’s epic fight with Apollo Creed, she felt like she could conquer the world and at that moment the movie bug bit. Now years later her office bookcase at TGA Agency is filled with movie scripts. They showcase her love for the silver screen.

Hard Work Definitely Pays Off

By Christina Barkhorn–2/20/2009

I wasn’t sure what to expect interviewing Overture Films CEO Chris McGurk but I definitely got a lot more than expected.
After we set up our equipment we were told by McGurk’s publicist that there was going to be a surprise for the entire company and that if we had time, it would be worth it to stay. Little did I know that I was going to be meeting Academy Award nominee Richard Jenkins.

The Twists and Turns of Writing for Hollywood


By Hermela Aregawi — 2/19/2009

Flauvia Lindsay is currently a staff writer on the hit television show “CSI.” But she has been maneuvering the twists and turns of the entertainment industry for ten years.

Puck Prepares for the Dining Event of the Season


By Cat Oppenhimer — 2/19/2009

Maybe it was the army of men and women in white coats, maybe it was the vast array of obscure contraptions lining the stainless steel countertops…but upon first glance, the state of the art kitchen of world renowned chef Wolfgang Puck looks more like a NASA scientists’ lab.

TGA Agent Nick Collins Has The Passion

By John Russo— 2/19/2009

Passion…. Not only does agent Nick Collins have passion for the entertainment business, but also when he is signing clients. A native of Reading Massachusetts, Collins moved to Los Angeles with aspirations of working in the entertainment industry. He got his start at a small boutique talent agency. Although it was small, Nick worked closely with actors and fell in love with the agency business.

A Comedian Represents the Comical Side of Hollywood


By Shannon Joy Donahue— 2/19/2009

A comedian represents the comedians. Publicist Matt Labov could not have asked for a more suitable job in Hollywood. In 1990 Labov graduated from Emerson College as a broadcast journalism major. Little did he know, that publicists and agencies would become his life, and reporting the news would be a thing of the past.

Never Interview Wolfgang Puck Before Lunch


By Anna Scheer— 2/19/2009

Today we went to the Hollywood and Highland Kitchen to interview one of the most renowned chefs, Wolfgang Puck. My family is in the restaurant business, so I knew a busy kitchen wouldn’t phase me. But wow!!! We walked in to see a colorful array of food and get a sneak peak at what the stars will be eating at the Governor’s Ball Sunday following the Oscars.