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Henry Winkler Is At 40 Years And Counting


By Anna Scheer — 2/19/2009

Not many entertainers can say they’ve been in the industry for forty years and counting. But Henry Winkler can.
He has lived many roles including actor, producer, director, and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Governor. Most of us remember him as the Fonz from “Happy Days,” but Winkler has proven to be dynamic throughout the entertainment world.

Special Effects May Actually Be Real


By Shannon Joy Donahue — 2/18/2009
Today we took visit inside the magical set of special effects. Emerson Alum
Matt Corrigan was generous enough to let us not only inside his workshop, but
also inside the mind of a special effects creator. Matt has worked on several films over the years. Those most memorable include “I am Legend” and “300.”

Asia Takes Over The Governor’s Ball

By Christina Barkhorn — 2/18/2009

The Governor’s Ball has gone from an event with just tables, centerpieces and food to a major production taking over two weeks to set up physically. For the past twenty years, Cheryl Cecchetto has produced the Governor’s Ball and this year’s Asian inspired theme reflects the state of the economy and the future of producing events. The major Asian elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, water, and air bring relief from the stress in these challenging times and financial meltdown.

Host Committee Coordinator Dina Michelle At Work


By John Russo— 2/18/2009

As members of the academy cast their votes on who should walk away with Oscars, Dina Michelle is solving logistical puzzles. Michelle is the host committee coordinator of the 81st Academy Awards,. That means she coordinates the publicists and talent for the red carpet, backstage area and Governor’s ball.

WEBN At The 2009 Oscars


Our entertainment staff is in Hollywood, once again, to cover the Oscars. This year our coverage theme is The Business of Filmmaking. Visit the Entertainment

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Our Reporting Team is at the DNC

Our WEBN-TV reporters, producers, and photographers are in Denver covering all the action. They will bring you the sights and sounds of the Democratic Party, the protesters, and even the GOP who have all...

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