Ben’s Not Lying


By Chad Boyle — 02/25/11 The Oscars are as nail biting and unpredictable as any awards show. E! Entertainment film critic Ben Lyons has seen each and every film nominated in the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. He weighs in with his opinion on who will win each category.

Staten Island Has Gone Hollywood


By Kayla Harrity — 02/25/11 The field trip of a lifetime has begun. Staten Island has made it to Hollywood. On Sunday, the PS22 Chorus will be performing at the Oscars but the chorus members’ first stop in Los Angeles will not be the red carpet.

From the Red Carpet to the Runway


By Chad Boyle — 02/25/11 The big question next to who will take home the gold at the Academy Awards is what will the stars be wearing? Natalia Romano is a competitor in the Oscars Designer Challenge, Natalia Romano has the chance to dress a guest on the red carpet.

Seafood Tops Wolfgang Puck’s Menu


By Anaridis Rodriguez — 02/25/11 This year’s most anticipated feast is just two days away. Wolfgang Puck gave WEBN an exclusive look at this year’s Governors Ball menu.

From El Paso to Hollywood


By Justine Frostad — 01/31/11 Academy Award-winning actor F. Murray Abraham grew up in El Paso, Texas near the Mexican border, where acting was the farthest thing from his mind. In fact Abraham was part of a gang before he had a part in a play.

Harvard cheers for “Moore” at Hasty Pudding


By Brittany Berkowitz — 01/27/11 Actress Julianne Moore has taken home the gold. No, It wasn’t an Oscar but the honorary pudding pot. Moore was named Harvard Theatrical’s Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year.

Circle Mirror Transformation Brings Drama to the Next Level


By Justine Frostad –11/01/10 In Circle Mirror Transformation, playwright Annie Baker depicts the complicated lives of five characters through creative drama games. The play chronicles a 7-week adult drama class that takes place at a community center in the fictional town of Shirley, Vermont.

East Meets West With An Environmental Twist

By Jacqueline Tiongson— 10/01/10 Shubrah is an up and coming designer from India. She mixes the East with the West with a collection of scarves, clothing, and accessories for men and women.

Boston Fashion Week Ends With Independence

By Jordan Moncada— 09/30/10 As Boston Fashion Week came to a close, new designers were on the rise. For one night only 9 independent fashion designers from all over Boston came together to showcase their work.