“Death at a Funeral” is Full of Life


By Dominique Banas Audiences died of laughter at the premiere of the the newly-released comedy “Death at a Funeral.” The movie is a remake of the 2007 British black comedy film directed by Frank Oz (“The Muppets”, “Star Wars”).

JC Spink And Taking Risks in Hollywood


By Brett Connolly When you having nothing to lose it is very easy to be extremely brave. This is the advice of a successful Hollywood producer with blockbuster movies to his credit. But the road to success for JC Spink was not easy and first required a mental shift.

The Man Behind The Microphone


By Johnny Russo You hear his voice all the time. You hear his voice on television commercials, television spots and movie trailers. George Del Hoyo is a voice-over specialist.

Pam Abdy is a Ringmaster of Films


By Melissa Unger Pam Abdy knows how to run a circus. It is not one with lions, tigers and bears, but one with directors, writers and actors. The production executive says “being a ringmaster isn’t easy.”

Cheryl Cecchetto’s Party Planning Is Oscar Worthy


By Justine Frostad Cheryl Cecchetto is one name that is always on the list. When the last of the Academy Awards are given out and the red carpet is rolled up, the star-studded Governors Ball begins. The celebrities who attend the event change over time, but Cecchetto is a staple of the event.

Nolan North Is Not Your Average Voice In Hollywood


By Melissa Unger If you go to see the newly released Hollywood film “The Wolfman,” you will be hearing Nolan North. He is the one doing the wolf sounds. Chances are you have heard him a lot. North does some of the most famous voice overs in Hollywood and for video games.

A Creative Genius Brings the Oscars to Life


By Johnny Russo It all begins with a quarter inch. Drawings on a piece of paper start the process of constructing the set for the biggest award show on the planet. Long time set designer Joe Celli begins this famous process every October.