Wolfgang Puck Calls It Good Old Comfort Food


By Valencia Wicker The red carpet will be full of glitz and glam on Oscar night. And the after party is no different! Celebrity food guru Wolfgang Puck wraps up the night with scrumptious food to die for.

Claudia Cagan Is One Of Hollywood’s Most Powerful


By Jillian Leff In the heart of Los Angeles is the “it” channel for entertainment, E! NETWORK. And in the middle of it all is one of the industry’s most powerful women. 

Senior Segment Producer Claudia Cagan is one of four people in charge of content at E! News, Daily 10, and special programming.

The Red Carpet Unrolls


By Valencia Wicker Preparation for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards has begun. The red carpet has been laid and dozens of gold-plated Oscar replicas are waiting for the arrival of one of Hollywood’s most star-studded events.

The Stars in Hollywood


By Melissa Unger They are stars cemented in time. This is known as the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The special sidewalk runs along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Los Angeles, California.