Kimberly Wilborn

Waffle House Hero

By Elizabeth Perkin
James Shawn Jr. is being called a hero after fighting the shooter for his machine gun, until he got the weapon and threw it over the counter. Shawn rejects the title of hero saying he did it selfishly in attempt to save himself.

Mitt Romney To Face Primary Election

By Isabel Indresano
After failing to win the nomination of the Utah Republican Party Romney will have to compete in a primary this June.

President Trump Pardons ‘Scooter’ Libby

By Abigail Royle
President Trump pardoned Mr. Libby after years of conviction. While some believe the president is righting an injustice, others believe the action is sending a message.

Hand Dryers Blowing Bacteria Back On Your Hands

By Justin Pham
A new study shows that bathroom hand dryers are sucking up feces and blowing them back on your hands. The suggested cause of this is due to the flushing of toilets with the lid left up.