Kimberly Wilborn

Largest Mass Shooting in Texas

By Kimberly Wilborn
The largest mass shooting in the lone star state’s history left more than 20 killed on Sunday.

Woman Wins NYC Marathon

By Sarah Maugaotega
An American woman wins the NYC Marathon for the first time in 30 years.

Positive Turnaround for the U.S. Economy

By Juliet Fusco
After the natural disasters this fall, the American Economy suffered a major job loss. However, statistics show a revival of employment this October.

GOP Tax Plan Revealed

By Rob Way
The recently released Republican tax plan is already facing criticism from some Democrats.

Netflix Cutting Off Kevin Spacey

By Elizabeth Perkin
Netflix will no longer be working with Kevin Spacey following sexual harassment allegations from Anthony Rapp.

Is Jelena back together?

By Tyler Robichaud
The famous ex-lovers have been spotted together a lot lately. Is it just friendship or a rekindling of old flames?