Wenjing Ding

India To Become Self-Reliant On Military Production

By Keshav Vinod
India is currently dependent on Russia for its military arsenal, but they are now trying to become more self-reliant due to future supplies in doubt because of the war in Ukraine.

Deadly Parking Garage Collapse To Be On Hold for Months

By Keshav Vinod
A construction worker died after a parking garage partially collapsed in downtown Boston. The accident that month that took the life of Peter Monsini has delayed the project as investigations continue.

Russian and Ukrainian Negotiators Meet in Istanbul

By Keshav Vinod
Delegations of both sides met on Tuesday to discuss possible peace talks in what is their second meeting since the invasion started, first meeting after the talks held on March 10th.

The Boeing 737 Plane Crash in China

By Wenjing Ding
A China Eastern Plane passenger jet with 123 passengers and 9 crew on board Crashes in the mountains of Southern China.