Feel Free To Take A Risk


By Shannon Donahue— 2/20/2009

Today I had the chance to interview Executive Producer Aaron Ryder. Ryder is most notable for his work on several movies such as “Memento,” “The Mexican,” “Donnie Darko,” and “The Prestige.” Needless to say, I was fairly nervous having the opportunity not only to meet but also interview this highly successful motion picture producer.

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Hard Work Definitely Pays Off

By Christina Barkhorn–2/20/2009

I wasn’t sure what to expect interviewing Overture Films CEO Chris McGurk but I definitely got a lot more than expected.
After we set up our equipment we were told by McGurk’s publicist that there was going to be a surprise for the entire company and that if we had time, it would be worth it to stay. Little did I know that I was going to be meeting Academy Award nominee Richard Jenkins.

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Never Interview Wolfgang Puck Before Lunch


By Anna Scheer— 2/19/2009

Today we went to the Hollywood and Highland Kitchen to interview one of the most renowned chefs, Wolfgang Puck. My family is in the restaurant business, so I knew a busy kitchen wouldn’t phase me. But wow!!! We walked in to see a colorful array of food and get a sneak peak at what the stars will be eating at the Governor’s Ball Sunday following the Oscars.

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Special Effects May Actually Be Real


By Shannon Joy Donahue — 2/18/2009
Today we took visit inside the magical set of special effects. Emerson Alum
Matt Corrigan was generous enough to let us not only inside his workshop, but
also inside the mind of a special effects creator. Matt has worked on several films over the years. Those most memorable include “I am Legend” and “300.”

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