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Emerson meets Trolls

By Bailule Hadgembes and Emily Martinez
An early screening of the newest addition to the “Trolls” franchise — “Trolls Band Together” — was held at the Boston Common AMC on Nov. 8.

Autopsy pending in death of actor Matthew Perry

Originally Published: 29 OCT 23 12:17 ET Updated: 29 OCT 23 16:01 ET By Josh Campbell, Cheri Mossburg and Alli Rosenbloom, CNN (CNN) — The body of “Friends” star Matthew Perry is now with...

‘The Tuba Thieves’: Navigating between hearing and silence

By Payton Zagacki
From 2011 to 2013, tubas were stolen from Los Angeles high schools. This event served as the basis for director Alison O’Daniel’s film “The Tuba Thieves,” the most recent film shown in the Bright Lights Cinema series.

‘Everybody’ breaks the silence on intersex lives

By Parker Garlough
Tracing the life stories of three intersex activists, the newest Bright Lights movie highlights the trauma of nonconsensual medical intervention and being shamed into isolation.