Obama and Putin Discuss Diplomatic Plan

By Lesley Rozycki
After weeks of rising tensions between Russia and the United States, President Barack Obama and President Vladimir Putin finally spoke to one another.

Obama imposes new sanctions on Russia

By Joshua Powers
Russia’s invasion and takeover of Crimea has dominated headlines recently, and new sanctions by the United States look to add to the building tension.

Harold Ramis Dead At Age 69

By Jacqueline Roman
Hollywood writer and director, Harold Ramis, passed away among family and friends in his Chicago home on February 26th.

Biden Visits Asia to Diffuse Unrest

By Joshua Powers
United States Vice President Joe Biden made a trip to Asia recently amidst growing tensions between South Korea and Japan.

New Types of Terrorism on the Rise

By Catherine Casey
House and Senate Intelligence committee leaders Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein and Republican Representative Mike Rogers told CNN that the threat of terrorism continues to grow as new technologies emerge.