Massachusetts, Colombia Combine Wits

By Rachel Smith
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos signed a memorandum to share knowledge about life sciences and clean energy.

VOA Has A Message To Send

By Maggie Smolka
Voice of America is an international broadcast company owned by the United States to send American news to countries throughout the world.

Last Presidential Debate Goes International

By Brittany Gervais
The third and final presidential debate focused on foreign policy. President Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney met at Lynn University and discussed America’s role in the Middle East.

Journalist returns from Egypt, shares experience


By Anum Hussain — 02/15/11
WEBN sat down with freelance journalist Iason Athanasiadis. Athanasiadis was in Cairo, Egypt in the heat of the demonstrations. He shared his story and provided insight on the current situation.

Mubarak still in office; Effect of protests reaches Pakistan


By Anum Hussain — 02/10/11
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced today that he will remain in office but not seek re-election. Mubarak broadcast his statement around 3:30 p.m. EST. The crowd gathered in Tahrir Square erupted in anger.

Demonstrators Gather for Second Egypt Protest


By Anum Hussain — 02/05/11
You could hear the beat of their drums and the sound of their chants. Hundreds of protestors in Boston marched around Copley Square today to make clear that they stand united against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Hundreds Protest Egypt in Boston


By Anum Hussain — 01/29/11
The protest march about the situation in Egypt went from Harvard Square in Cambridge to Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston. It all started Thursday night when 23-year-old Marihan Hashesh had a plan to show fellow Egyptians that the United States is behind them.

United Nations Plan Threatens Animals


By Alyssa Altman — 11/16/09
Protecting rainforests has never been so debated. A United Nations plan to protect tropical forests and fight climate change could possibly threaten more plants and animals with extinction.