Coakley Joins MA Governor Race

By Stephanie De La Cruz
After weeks of speculation, Martha Coakley, the Massachusetts Attorney General has decided to join the race to become Massachusetts next governor.

The President’s Confuses The Nation

By Dustin Wlodkowski
President Obama address the nation last night from the White House to clear up any confusion about where he stands on the issue of intervening in Syria.

GOP Candidate Charlie Baker Announces Run for MA Governor

By Stephanie De La Cruz
Republican Charlie Baker is making a second attempt at the Massachusetts Governor’s office. Three years ago Baker ran against incumbent Governor Deval Patrick and lost by about 6 percentage points.

Markey Endorsed By Environmentalists

By Sarina Tracy
State-wide environmental advocacy group, Environment Massachusetts, has endorsed Congressman Edward Markey for the U.S. Senate.

Menino Bows Out Today In Historic Hall

By Charles Williams
The city’s longest-serving mayor gave his farewell speech at Faneuil Hall. In it, Mayor Menino highlighted major developments of Boston.

Boston Menino Calls It Quits

By Katie O’Donnell
Mayor Thomas Menino plans on announcing tomorrow that he will not run for a sixth term.

MA GOP Fight For Senate Seat

By Tessa Roy
The race for former Senator John Kerry’s seat heated up tonight as the three GOP candidates fought to become their party’s nominee.