Recent Stories

Conquering the Web At “Lazar” Speed

By Jackie Tiongson
The Internet is the modern source for entertainment news. For shows to be successful on the web, they have to be on top of real-time trends. Or in Emmy nominee Shira Lazar’s case, her program called “What’s Trending.”

Spencer Liff’s Crunchtime Choreography

By Jordan Moncada
Spencer Liff choreographs against the clock. This year, Liff received his first Emmy nomination for his choreography on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” (SYTYCD). But Liff’s Emmy nomination didn’t happen overnight.He auditioned for the dance competition show four years ago.

“Wizards” Executive Producer Makes Television Magic

By Alyssa Altman
Inspiration comes easily to Todd Greenwald. The executive producer of the Emmy-winning “Wizards of Waverly Place” told WEBN in Los Angeles that “The core of the show, even though it’s about magic, is about sibling rivalry, and it’s based on my kids.”

“Project Runway” Editor Tells the Real Story

By Alyssa Altman
If clothes make the model, then editors make the story. “I always say as an editor in reality, you have to let the footage tell the story. The producers may want a story, or wish for a story to come out. But it’s all in the footage.

Creating A Story One Stitch At A Time

By Ali Inglese
The most important part of Chrisi Karvonides’ job is telling a story. “It’s not about fashion. It’s about finding elements that tell the story of a character,”she told WEBN in Los Angeles.

The Art of Casting

By Ali Inglese
Sharon Bialy believes casting a television show is an art form. Producers may initially visualize the painting, but the casting director provides the color palette.

One Big Happy “Modern Family”

By Jackie Tiongson
The cast of “Modern Family” has become one of the most beloved households in America. This year, the show has earned fourteen Emmy nominations including Outstanding Casting for a Comedy.

Glee Cinematographer Dances His Way to Emmy Nomination

By Alyssa Altman
Michael Goi still can’t believe his luck. He’s an Emmy nominated cinematographer who has been working on a show that combined his two loves: film and musicals.Goi was nominated for the episode “Asian F.” It follows the character Harry and his struggles with his father’s being able to accept his passion for music and dance.

Tinsley Studios Takes Over Tinseltown

By Dominique Banas
Ryan Murphy’s creepy mini series “American Horror Story” isn’t eerie by nature. The show’s makeup department works hard to morph everyday characters into other-worldly beings.