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Puck Pops With 3-D Dessert


By Darian Harvin Wolfgang Puck is the man with the 3-D glasses…not to watch films but to eat food. The celebrity chef is making a chocolate dessert that looks like it can pop. Well, it looks that way when you look it through 3-D glasses. It is all in honor of the new trend in 3-D movies.

The All-New Governor’s Ball


By Darian Harvin
Governor’s Ball Producer Cheryl Ceccheto is calling this year’s after party the “moveable ball.”

“The Artist” Crew Was Moved To Tears

Richard Middleton thumb.jpg

By Jordan Moncada “The Artist” proved that you can move an audience without words and color. But the executive producer Richard Middleton explained to WEBN today in LA, that the crew of the Oscar-nominated film was hesitant at first.

Defining a “Carousel” movie in Hollywood

A sense of humor and sensibility…those are just two things the executive producers of “Crazy, Stupid, Love” have in common. Producers Vance DeGeneres (brother of the popular talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres) and Charlie Hartsock...

Project X Hits Theaters…Hard

By Logan Leavitt
House parties may never be the same now that the teen comedy flick Project X has been released.