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Josh Hamilton has Alcohol Relapse


By Courtney Swift
Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton has had an alcohol relapse. The relapse came at a Dallas bar last week.

Coffee Estrogen

Researchers say caffeine may affect estrogen levels in women.

“Smash” is a Hit

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By Elah Davidson
“Smash” brings big time Broadway to the small screen. The creative team of NBC’s hopeful hit has injected the grandeur of sweeping musicals and large numbered choreography into the intimacy of television.

“HUGO” Brings The Past To Life

By Mykah Murphy
“Martin Scorsese” and “family film” are not phrases one hears together often. However, the infamous director’s newest film, “Hugo,” has proven the combination not only works, it may even be Oscar-worthy.

The Descendants: A Movie Review

By Christie Clements
A movie starring George Clooney in Hawaii sounds like a day at the beach. But be prepared to bring the tissues…and lots of them

‘The Help” Exposes Our History

By Shakala Alvaranga
“The Help” began as a #1 New York Times bestseller turned big screen, and is now one of the top frontrunners to receive an Oscar.

Romney Takes Florida


By Taylor Smith
Mitt Romney has won the Florida primary in a landslide victory. This gives him more leverage in securing the Republican nomination for President.