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“The Fighter” Sisters have Beauty, Brains and Brawn


By Brittany Berkowitz — 02/24/11 Erica McDermott had to put up a fight to become a sister. She wanted to score a spot as Mickey Ward’s sister Cindy “Tar” in the film “The Fighter.” When the actress auditioned for the role, it was thought she might be more beauty than brawn.

Winkler Talks Movie Making


By Justine Frostad — 02/24/11 Films have the ability to transport the audience through time and space. Movies can make people laugh, cry or question their beliefs. Henry Winkler is someone who is keenly aware of the power of the medium. Winkler is multitalented as an actor, director and a former member of the Board of Governors for the Academy. He told WEBN what he believes makes a film Oscar worthy.

Actor Bryan Barter Gets Social


By Brittany Berkowitz — 02/24/11 Some actors network and other actors appear in movies about networking. Bryan Barter plays Billy Olson in the movie “The Social Network.” Well before the cameras started rolling, Barter was wired into the social media phenomena that is Facebook.

AMPAS President Tells It Like It Is

TomSherak thumb.jpg

By Kate Andrews and Victoria Bergland — 02/24/11
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Tom Sherak laughed when he gave a Mel Brooks quote about his post, “It’s good to be the King.”

The Oscars Meets a New Generation


By Victoria Bergland and Kate Andrews — 02/24/11
Youth, glamour and talent with a dash of the past . . . that is the theme of this year’s Oscars according to Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Tom Sherak.

Connect With The Stars


By Chad Boyle — 02/24/11 This is the place where you can make yourself a star….well, almost. This is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is located on Hollywood and Highland right in font of Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Tinseltown Sets Up For Oscars


By Kate Andrews — 02/23/11 On Sunday the red carpet will be packed with Hollywood elite wearing designer duds, but jeans and sweatshirts was all that was seen today outside the Kodak Theater.

Journalist returns from Egypt, shares experience


By Anum Hussain — 02/15/11
WEBN sat down with freelance journalist Iason Athanasiadis. Athanasiadis was in Cairo, Egypt in the heat of the demonstrations. He shared his story and provided insight on the current situation.

Over 100 protest against Secure Communities


By Zach Cusson — 02/12/11
Sounds of applause and frustration could be heard coming from outside the State House. Over 100 people gathered to speak out against Governor Deval Patrick’s plan to join the Secure Communities program.