Overture CEO Sees The Gold


By Anna Scheer— 2/20/2009

One may think a successful CEO always wears a suit, but Chris McGurk proved that assumption false. McGurk, casually dressed in denim in the workplace, is the CEO of Overture Films and Anchor Bay Entertainment. With a passion for films, he climbed his way to the head of a company which now has an Oscar nomination.

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Rocky Inspired TGA’s Melanie Ramsayer

By Johnny Russo— 2/20/2009

The movie “Rocky” has won many awards including best picture. But to agent Melanie Ramsayer it was her inspiration.
When Ramsayer walked out of the theatre after Rocky Balboa’s epic fight with Apollo Creed, she felt like she could conquer the world and at that moment the movie bug bit. Now years later her office bookcase at TGA Agency is filled with movie scripts. They showcase her love for the silver screen.

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TGA Agent Nick Collins Has The Passion

By John Russo— 2/19/2009

Passion…. Not only does agent Nick Collins have passion for the entertainment business, but also when he is signing clients. A native of Reading Massachusetts, Collins moved to Los Angeles with aspirations of working in the entertainment industry. He got his start at a small boutique talent agency. Although it was small, Nick worked closely with actors and fell in love with the agency business.

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Henry Winkler Is At 40 Years And Counting


By Anna Scheer — 2/19/2009

Not many entertainers can say they’ve been in the industry for forty years and counting. But Henry Winkler can.
He has lived many roles including actor, producer, director, and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Governor. Most of us remember him as the Fonz from “Happy Days,” but Winkler has proven to be dynamic throughout the entertainment world.

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