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Massive Crowd Packs into D.C.


By Anaridis Rodriguez — 10/02/10
It’s past 2 in the afternoon and attendees are still trying to make their way to the Lincoln Memorial for the One Nation Rally which started awhile ago.

Reverend Sharpton Supports Immigrant Activists


By Anaridis Rodriguez — 10/02/10
Reverend Al Sharpton spoke in front of hundreds of immigrant activists at a feeder rally moments before the One Nation March began here in Washington, D.C.

Hundreds March For Gay Rights

By Satenik Karpetyan — 10/02/10
It is the opening weekend of the movie “The Social Network” which is about the creation of Facebook, and nothing shows the power of social networking more than today’s rally on the Boston Common.

Preparation Underway for One Nation Rally


By Anaridis Rodriguez — 10/01/10
Preparation for Saturday’s One Nation Working Together rally is well underway. Friday night at the ANSWER Coalition headquarters in Washington, D.C., dozens of volunteers showed up to make signs for the rally.

East Meets West With An Environmental Twist

By Jacqueline Tiongson— 10/01/10 Shubrah is an up and coming designer from India. She mixes the East with the West with a collection of scarves, clothing, and accessories for men and women.

One Nation Working Together Descends On Washington, D.C.


By Brandon Penny — 10/01/2010
Saturday people from across the country will gather together for a march on Washington, D.C. The One Nation Working Together (ONWT) rally is set to take place at Lincoln Memorial from 12 – 4p.m. It is estimated that up to 200,000 people will attend.

Boston Fashion Week Ends With Independence

By Jordan Moncada— 09/30/10 As Boston Fashion Week came to a close, new designers were on the rise. For one night only 9 independent fashion designers from all over Boston came together to showcase their work.

Broadcast Journalism Takes a Bow at Emmys


By Kayla Harrity and Brandon Penny — 09/28/10
Hollywood stars are used to the spotlight and attention they receive on the red carpet while journalists ask them questions about their careers. But these journalists deserve special recognition too. The 31st Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards was a night for journalists to shine.