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Boston’s Got Passion for Fashion


By Brittany Berkowitz — 10/13/2011 It was runway meets retail at Copley Place. On the eve of Boston Fashion Week, designer lovers united to kick things off in style at the Fall Into Fashion runway show.

Democratic Senate Candidates Talk Jobs


By Leeza Yeretzian — 9/18/2011
The Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidates believe voters need to assess the state of the economy.

Chelsie Hightower Matures, and Finds Success, Dancing


By Jordan Moncada — 09/20/2011
Chelsie Hightower is a young woman with big talent. After her high school graduation, Hightower landed a spot on the reality competition “So You Think You Can Dance.” But that was just the start of her career. After watching Hightower on the show, the producers of “Dancing with the Stars” were hooked.

A Look Behind the Lens


By Jordan Moncada — 09/18/2011
Levie Issacks can tell a story without using words. That’s because he lets images do the talking. Issacks is the director of photography for a brand new ABC show, “Man Up.”

Oliver’s Food Show Is Truly Revolutionary


By Brandon Penny — 09/16/2011
New reality shows pop up on television all the time. Hundreds of channels are available to viewers, so shows are created around almost any premise. But it is rare to find television that is truly making a difference. “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” did just that.

Art Director Celli Proves America’s Got Talent


By Joshua Sackheim — 09/17/2011
If you’ve ever wondered who makes your favorite shows look so good the answer might be Joe Celli. As an art director his credits range from “America’s Got Talent” to the Academy Awards but he had to work his way up first.