barack obama

Obama marks Pearl Harbor 75th anniversary

By Philip Noble
Wednesday marks the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that killed 2400 Americans and launched this country into World War 2.

Obama Speaks Out on Trump’s Rhetoric

By Shea Mccosker
In the midsts of a country divided on the results of the presidential election, President Obama shared his honest thoughts on Donald Trump’s campaign methods at an overseas conference in Athens, Greece on Tuesday.

Trump Backs Off Obamacare

By Autumn Pattison
President-elect Donald Trump seems to be moving away from his previous stance on Obamacare, citing a meeting with President Obama Thursday as the reason he will compromise on certain provisions.

Trump Tackles Transition

By Autumn Pattison
The businessman will be the first president in history to have no political, diplomatic or military executive experience, and his list of tasks to accomplish before the inauguration on Jan. 20 is staggering.

Democrats search for a leader

By Emma Sinn
Democrats are looking for a leader following Hillary Clinton’s surprising loss and President Barrack Obama preparing to transfer control of the country. Democrats not only lost the presidential election, but also do not have the majority in neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate.

Clinton Lets Loose

By Autumn Pattison
Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton has finally allowed herself to take a break from the campaign trail, less than two weeks away from the election.

The future of Obamacare

By Annika Fagerholm
The White House administration announced Monday that prices for the Affordable Care Act premiums would go up by about 22 percent in 2017.

A new job for Clinton can bring a new job for Garland

By Rafael Trujillo
There haven’t been many mentions of Judge Merrick Garland since President Barack Obama nominated him for the vacant chair of the Supreme Court, but a Hillary Clinton presidency can reinstate the possibilities of Garland to succeed Scalia.