Boston Marathon

2015 Boston Athletic Association 5K

Runners came out early to participate in the 2015 Boston Athletic Association 5K race on a bright and beautiful Saturday morning. Participants came from all over the world including places like Australia and Spain. The race proved to be great practice for those participating in the Boston Marathon on Monday.

WATCH: Spectators cheer on Marathon runners

By Lauren Holt
Spectators lined the route of the 119th Boston Marathon despite the rain and clouds. They cheered on friends, loved ones and even strangers, motivating them to finish the race.

The City Did Run Again

By Korey O’Brien
On a day that was filled with tears, smiles, nervousness, excitement, and just about any emotion that could possibly be felt, Boston filled the sidewalks along the 26.2 mile route in never before seen numbers to cheer on over 35,000 runners and reclaim its race.

BLOG: Boston Marathon 2014

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