Clinton Lets Loose

By Autumn Pattison
Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton has finally allowed herself to take a break from the campaign trail, less than two weeks away from the election.

A Vote 103 Years in the Making

By Emma Sinn
At 103 years old, Ruline Steininger lived through the suffragette movement, saw the 19th Amendment passed, and now has cast her ballot for the first female major party nominee in US history.

Super Tuesday – Trump and Clinton take Massachusetts

By Angelina Salcedo
After over 100 thousand votes in the Bay State, Republican Donald Trump got an overwhelming win in Massachusetts while Hillary Clinton just edged out Bernie Sanders in the presidential primary.

Boston Marches for Bernie

By Jessica Colarossi
Voices echoed through the Boston Common Saturday afternoon during a nationwide movement in support of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Sanders Talks Gun Control and Competition with Clinton

By Priscilla Liguori
Vermont Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders denied he was a capitalist and insisted he was progressive during his extensive interview with Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” Sunday, October 11.