Democrats search for a leader

By Emma Sinn
Democrats are looking for a leader following Hillary Clinton’s surprising loss and President Barrack Obama preparing to transfer control of the country. Democrats not only lost the presidential election, but also do not have the majority in neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate.

DNC Chair Rejects Occupy’s Offer to Meet


Micaeli Rourke
The Occupy movement has reached another roadblock. Although the group  representing the 99 percent have made advancements in recent weeks, it has failed to get the attention of the Democratic National Committee.

Iowan Democrats Take On Romney

By Wynn Harrison
Iowan Democrats spent today blasting Mitt Romney. Iowa Democratic Party Chair Sue Dvorsky criticized the GOP Presidential candidate for not spending much time in the state. In a media conference call, Dvorsky denounced Romney’s record. She described him as having failed policies.