Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his presidential campaign via Twitter back in May of this year.

Election 2024: Ron DeSantis Candidate Profile

By Sofia Mendes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis launched his presidential campaign on May 24, 2023, via an online conversation with Twitter CEO Elon Musk. Many criticized this unusual announcement decision as the audio stream...

The weight Florida carries

By Shea McCusker
A part of the nation fell in shock as Donald Trump defied the polls and beat Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States. This success can be directly attributed to Trump taking home key states, one of the most critical being Florida, where Trump received 49% of Florida’s vote with over 4.6 million Floridians on his side.

Russell Martin: Pirates Ready to Roll in 2014

By Lucas Frankel

Few teams have had it rougher than the Pittsburgh Pirates. Russell Martin who’s now in his 2nd year in Pittsburgh, said he’s encouraged with what he’s seen so far from his teammates.

Middlebrooks No Longer New In Town

By Courtney Swift
No Longer the new kid on the block, Will Middlebrooks will strive to have an impact on the Red Sox this season coming off a wrist injury.