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Nominee Jonathan Fawkner on Creating a Talking Raccoon

By Mandy Cordero

When a live action film’s main stars are animated, the director relies heavily on visual effects. VFX nominee Jonathan Fawkner talks about his work in “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

The Passion Behind the Costume

By Tashanea Whitlow

Kari Perkins has crafted looks for some of Hollywood’s hottest movies and memorable characters. Her latest project, the Oscar nominated movie “Boyhood,” has swept almost every category it has been nominated in. Earning an unprecedented 140 wins and 127 nominations.

Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter Re-Creates History In Selma

By Alecea Rush

The March 1965 cover of Ebony Magazine featured a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. leading hundreds in the march to Montgomery. Ruth E. Carter, costume director for the Academy Award nominated film Selma used this cover to springboard her research and creative process for the movie.

Getting Into Character

By Maggie Smolka
There were two directors on the set of HBO’s film “The Girl.”

“That’s All Folks”

By Maggie Smolka
Bob Bergen didn’t dream of being an astronaut or baseball player. Instead, he wanted to be the voice of Porky the Pig.

On the Casting Couch with Allen Hooper

By Sam Howell
There’s more to acting than just reading lines. And “Modern Family” Casting Associate Allen Hooper has proven that! He has been working for the show since the beginning and sees casting is all about finding the perfect fit.