Super Tuesday – Trump and Clinton take Massachusetts

By Angelina Salcedo
After over 100 thousand votes in the Bay State, Republican Donald Trump got an overwhelming win in Massachusetts while Hillary Clinton just edged out Bernie Sanders in the presidential primary.

Hands-Free Bills Gaining Momentum in Mass. Legislature

By Priscilla Liguori
Massachusetts may soon require drivers to use hands-free devices while using cell phones. Both the House and the Senate’s bills requiring hands-free devices are picking up momentum in the legislature.

Massachusetts Group Works for All New Mothers to Get PPD Screening

By Priscilla Liguori
The Massachusetts Special Legislative Commission on Postpartum Depression announced that a subcommittee has been created to make sure its goal of screening women for PPD does not become part of the already existing health disparity.

2015 Boston Athletic Association 5K

Runners came out early to participate in the 2015 Boston Athletic Association 5K race on a bright and beautiful Saturday morning. Participants came from all over the world including places like Australia and Spain. The race proved to be great practice for those participating in the Boston Marathon on Monday.

New MBTA Interim Manager

By Michael Vinci
Frank DePaola will soon take his place as the new Interim general manager of the MBTA.

MassLottery to Retire Lottery Terminals

By Annette Choi

MassLottery lottery terminals will be replaced with newer, more technologically advanced ones in convenience stores all throughout Boston.