Over 100 protest against Secure Communities


By Zach Cusson — 02/12/11
Sounds of applause and frustration could be heard coming from outside the State House. Over 100 people gathered to speak out against Governor Deval Patrick’s plan to join the Secure Communities program.

Cahill’s Hometown Votes

By Trevor Savage — 11/02/10
Voters arrived at a Quincy Elementary school as early as 6am this morning, eager to cast their ballots. Hometown hero Tim Cahill was a popular topic for Quincy Voters.

President Obama Visits Boston On The Campaign Trail


By Laura Roberts — 10/16/2010
Democrats have been worrying about an enthusiasm gap. But President Barack Obama wants to change that. Mr. Obama came to town Saturday to rally for Governor Deval Patrick and to get the Bay State “fired up and ready to go.”

First Rally of Campaign Season for Governor Deval Patrick


By Mumbi-Michelle Kimani — 09/25/10
Governor Deval Patrick took his campaign message of optimism and effort to supporters at a campaign rally in Titus Sparrow Park in Boston on Saturday. He criticized his opponents for taking advantage of people’s anxieties to get into office.

Obama Goes to Maine to Explain Health Care


By Mumbi-Michelle Kimani
The health care bill has become law. However many Americans still do not understand what it means for them. So President Obama came to Portland, Maine to explain his healthcare reform program.