Trump’s 200 Day Plan

By Allie Walker
President-elect Donald Trump intends to act on his campaign trail promises of his administration with a 200 day plan.

Obama Speaks Out on Trump’s Rhetoric

By Shea Mccosker
In the midsts of a country divided on the results of the presidential election, President Obama shared his honest thoughts on Donald Trump’s campaign methods at an overseas conference in Athens, Greece on Tuesday.

Fire Disables Cruise Ship In Mexico Gulf

By Felecia Bearden
The Carnival Triumph cruise ship became stranded after a fire occurred, causing the ship to be towed to the nearest port. No injuries reported.

Young Undocumented Immigrant Rallies for American Dream


By Anaridis Rodriguez — 10/02/10
Erika Andiola was one of the many undocumented immigrants making her voice heard around the nation’s capitol this morning. Andiola is a Mexican immigrant who came to the United States when she was 11 years old. She is now a grown woman with a degree in psychology from Arizona State. Andiola speaks perfect English but has yet to fulfill her American dream.