Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney To Face Primary Election

By Isabel Indresano
After failing to win the nomination of the Utah Republican Party Romney will have to compete in a primary this June.

David Petraeus for Secretary of State?

By Shea Mccosker
The search for Secretary of State continues as President-elect Donald Trump interviews the latest candidate for Secretary of State, decorated military leader and retired general David Petraeus.

Romney Takes Florida


By Taylor Smith
Mitt Romney has won the Florida primary in a landslide victory. This gives him more leverage in securing the Republican nomination for President.

Democrats Question Romney’s Healthcare Motives

120jib.jpg By Ariana Sandillo
By Dominique Banas
Democrats are questioning Mitt Romney’s motives concerning healthcare. Today a media conference call was held with Minneapolis Mayor and DNC Vice President RT Ryback and Iowa Democratic Chair Sue Dvorsky.

Iowan Democrats Take On Romney

By Wynn Harrison
Iowan Democrats spent today blasting Mitt Romney. Iowa Democratic Party Chair Sue Dvorsky criticized the GOP Presidential candidate for not spending much time in the state. In a media conference call, Dvorsky denounced Romney’s record. She described him as having failed policies.

GOP Presidential Debate Gets Testy


By Katherine Spalla — 10/18/2011
The GOP presidential candidates were back debating tonight. Anderson Cooper moderated the CNN Western Republican Debate in Las Vegas.