Editor Walter Robinson Reflects on Impact of ‘Spotlight’

By Priscilla Liguori
Editor Walter Robinson led the investigative team that exposed how the Catholic Church covered up widespread sexual abuse. Robinson thinks the film “Spotlight” strengthens the impact of the Boston Globe’s original articles revealing the scandal in 2002.

“Boyhood” Set Designer Creates Reality For The Big Screen

By Alecea Rush

Calling a movie mundane would be an insult to many people in the film industry, but the makers behind “Boyhood” set out to make a movie that reflected the not so glamorous or exciting lives most middle-class Americans lead.

The Peace Maker of the Film Industry

By Tashanea Whitlow

Miki Emmrich is rarely seen and that’s exactly how he likes it. You Google the Unit Production Manager’s name and you can’t find a single photo of him. He prefers being behind the scenes, so you can imagine how thrilled WEBN was when he agreed to be interviewed.

English Set Decorator Anna Pinnock Excited About Multiple Nominations

By Charlie Greenwald

Anna Pinnock, an English production designer specializing in set decoration, has been nominated twice this year for her work on both “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “Into the Woods.” The two pictures feature large ensemble casts but are startlingly different genres.

Nominee Jonathan Fawkner on Creating a Talking Raccoon

By Mandy Cordero

When a live action film’s main stars are animated, the director relies heavily on visual effects. VFX nominee Jonathan Fawkner talks about his work in “Guardians of the Galaxy”.