Presidential Election

Stein Escalates Pennsylvania Recount Efforts

By Gennaro Ilaria
A Pennsylvania state court ruled Saturday that voters requesting a recount must pay a $1 million bond, Stein responded with a federal lawsuit after originally planning to stop her efforts.

Election Recounts: How Will They Work?

By Autumn Pattison
Recounts are expected to take place in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania following Donald Trump’s victories in the historically blue states.

Obama Speaks Out on Trump’s Rhetoric

By Shea Mccosker
In the midsts of a country divided on the results of the presidential election, President Obama shared his honest thoughts on Donald Trump’s campaign methods at an overseas conference in Athens, Greece on Tuesday.

Donald Trump wins presidency

By Sam Gordon
One of the most publicized elections in American history has come to an end with the Republican nominee Donald Trump defeating Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Clinton still expected to win popular vote despite Trump’s victory

By Kayla LaRosa
Donald Trump did what seemed to be the impossible this week by clinching his spot as the 45th President of the United States and winning the electoral college, but his Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton is still hanging on to the popular vote.