Body camera footage released from Emerson College arrests

By Madison Lucchesi
The Boston Police Department (BPD) released the body camera footage from before the arrests made at Emerson College early this morning. Police officers arrested 108 people from the 2 Boylston Place Alleyway. 

Hundreds Attend Tense Boston Protests

By Tyler Robichaud
Similar to a demonstration seen in August, the Boston Common was busy Saturday when a group formed to protest the perceived loss of their freedom of speech.

Obama Speaks Out on Trump’s Rhetoric

By Shea Mccosker
In the midsts of a country divided on the results of the presidential election, President Obama shared his honest thoughts on Donald Trump’s campaign methods at an overseas conference in Athens, Greece on Tuesday.

Boston Protests After NYC Officer Not Indicted

By Joseph Jacobs
Another unarmed black man was murdered, another white police officer was failed to be indicted, and in response, protesters took to the streets of Boston and beyond to voice their displeasure with the verdict.

Protests Continue Against President Assad


By Muna Salah Moushien — 11/03/2011
Violence is continuing in Syria. 13 more people have been killed there during protests against President Assad.