Donald Trump rushes off stage during rally

By Rafael Trujillo
The Secret Service rushed Donald Trump off stage this last Saturday at Reno, Nevada. Trump’s speech was interrupted by accident in the crowd near the front stage.

Trump Opens Manchester, NH Rally with FBI’s Announcement

By Priscilla Liguori
Donald Trump walked onto the stage of his rally in Manchester, New Hampshire Oct. 28 beaming a little more than usual. He began by telling his supporters that the FBI announced it is reopening Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

Boston Marches for Bernie

By Jessica Colarossi
Voices echoed through the Boston Common Saturday afternoon during a nationwide movement in support of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

WATCH: Patriots Nation at Super Bowl Parade

By Mandy Cordero

Despite the freezing cold, Patriots nation lined Boylston and Tremont to watch the Super Bowl 49 Champs ride down in Boston’s iconic duck boats. Watch the celebration here.

Massachusetts Cries Out Against Three Strike Bill

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 419876_2823761156775_1341360105_32171657_1169070063_n.jpg

By Dominque Banas
Three strikes and you’re out. Three-hundred protestors are using this baseball terms to describe a new crime bill. The Massachusetts bill states that if you commit 3 felonies, you would be in prison for life.

Youth Rally Presents Many Concerns


By Meaghan Corson — 10/02/10
Hundreds joined together at the One Nation’s youth rally. The younger crowd is interested in the same issues as much any other age group. Equal rights, education, and jobs were their main concerns.

Teachers Say They Cannot Do Their Jobs


By Mumbi-Michelle Kimani — 10/02/10
Teachers, students and education specialists gathered today for the One Nation rally in Washington D.C. They are blaming a lack of resources are keeping public schools from improving. So they are demanding more help especially with funding.