Maggie Hassan wins the New Hampshire Senate race

By Annika Fagerholm
Gov. Maggie Hassan unseated incumbent Republican Kelly Ayotte as the Senator of New Hampshire Wednesday evening, ending one of the most competitive races of the election season.

Races that could flip the Senate

By Kimberly Wilborn
Senate races are close in several states leading up to Election Day and there is a possibility some races could even flip the current Republican held Senate.

Could John McCain’s lack of support for Trump cost him a Senate race?

By Kayla LaRosa
Republican Sen. John McCain is facing some challenges in his pursuit of reelection for his sixth term in the senate since denouncing GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump for his inappropriate sexual comments towards women in the infamously viral leaked 2005 video.

A deal for Flint averts government shutdown

By Annika Fagerholm
A deal created by the House of Representatives to provide federal aid for Flint, Michigan will make it possible to keep the government running until December.

Hands-Free Bills Gaining Momentum in Mass. Legislature

By Priscilla Liguori
Massachusetts may soon require drivers to use hands-free devices while using cell phones. Both the House and the Senate’s bills requiring hands-free devices are picking up momentum in the legislature.