Baker Barely Edges Coakley

By Rosalia Fodera
Massachusetts residents elected Republican Charlie Baker as their new governor, after the closest race in recent Massachusetts’s history.

Bill Looks to End Inmate Shackling

By Joshua Powers
Pregnant women in Massachusetts prisons may no longer be shackled unless they pose a risk of flight or are a safety concern, after bill S-2063 passed unanimously in the Senate.

Paul Criticizes Christie

By Ian Sutherland
Republican infighting heats up. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul continues taking aim at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

President Obama Visits Boston On The Campaign Trail


By Laura Roberts — 10/16/2010
Democrats have been worrying about an enthusiasm gap. But President Barack Obama wants to change that. Mr. Obama came to town Saturday to rally for Governor Deval Patrick and to get the Bay State “fired up and ready to go.”